Product Description:
Neopoxy NPR-5305 is a high quality epoxy resin for infrastructure protection and rehabilitation. Epoxy systems are comprised of a resin and a hardener component that harden when mixed together. Neopoxy NPR-5305 One-Step Kits are conveniently pre-packaged at our factory with both the resin and hardener in the same bucket. Mixing the components is very easy and requires no weight or volume measurements.

The most common type of epoxy application is from 80 to 125 mils, which provides a
corrosion resistant barrier to common sewer gasses and concentrations of sulfuric acid.
Application of a thicker epoxy layer (250 mils and above) greatly increases the ability of
the lining to resist physical abuse and external pressures. See “Epoxy Load Bearing
Study” later in this catalog for more detailed information.

In a direct-to-aggregate application, a thicker lining can act as a bridge across a rough
aggregate surface (see image below). This type of lining also provides continuous
protection when an epoxy lining is scraped or chipped with pipeline maintenance
equipment. With a traditional thin coating, scrapes or chips can expose the underlying
host structure.

Repair and protection of corroded or new manholes,
sumps, wet wells, pipelines, vaults, tanks, concrete surfaces, exposed
aggregate, cracks, and more. Epoxy can be applied up to 1” thick in a
single pass.

Standards: ASTMs: F1216, D790, D638, C579, D2240, D4541, D4060

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