Product Description:
Carbon Fiber Structural Rehabilitation is a flexible, minimally invasive restoration and rebuilding product that can be used to strengthen and repair sanitary sewer structures, pipelines, and other civil infrastructure. Applications include both internal and external uses. The system consists of carbon or glass fibers, mixed with an epoxy resin system which uniformly transfers the load across the fibers, and is capable of high bond strengths and tensile strengths up to over 325,000 lbs. Typical applications include structural upgrades and corrosion repairs of both concrete and steel pipes, tunnels, storm drains, and tanks.

Carbon Fiber Structural Rehabilitation is an excellent way to increase strength, while using less material and loosing less cross sectional area. This product’s custom fit applications give us the ability to negotiate bends and various pipe sizes based on each unique project. This results in a very cost effective yet reliable alternative to excavation and costly repairs. This product is approved by both Caltrans as well as the EPA for potable water environments.

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