Product Description:
Sancon CIPP is a full length and sectional main line structural pipe rehabilitation. Installation of the cured-in-place liner is performed by either inversion with water, air or winched in place and cured with steam or hot water. During the cure process the tube is held tightly against the host pipe by either water or steam pressure. Lateral connections leave dimples that are reopened by the use of robotic cutters.

Sewer, Water, Storm and other product pipelines 4″ through 48″ in diameter and up to over 1,000 feet in length can be rehabilitated using this method. Sectional liners are also available in lengths 3′ to 50′ in length anywhere within a longer run. Liners can be made to accommodate a variety of design considerations including the ability to negotiate bends and transitions in pipe diameter.

Full length Greenbook section 500-1.4 ASTM standards F 1216, F 1743, D 5813 Sectional liners: ASTM 2599-06

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