Sancon History

Sancon is a privately-held corporation that specializes in the rehabilitation of water and wastewater pipelines, structures, and industrial related infrastructure. Our expertise in this specialized field enables us to provide effective project management using trained and experienced staff capable of carrying out investigation and supervisory functions, while our crews come prepared to install our products with specialized equipment.

Sancon’s expertise includes manufacturing and installing its own manhole and structure rehabilitation products and installing proven pipelining systems. The design and manufacture of our own products allows our company total quality control and absolute responsibility over our work.

As manufacturers of own manhole and structure products, Sancon employs over 40 professionals, including engineers, contract administrators, project managers, and field crew.

For over 40 years, Sancon has rehabilitated sewer structures using polyurethane coatings and specialized pipe lining systems. We have successfully conducted work for over 100 public Agencies throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. Our corporate office and manufacturing plant are both located in Huntington Beach, California.

Please take a moment to review our services and products that might enable us to assist your agency in an upcoming project. We welcome your business!

Staff Profiles

Chuck Parsons (President)

Chuck has worked in the sewer rehabilitation field for the past 20 years. In addition to his role as General Manager, he is heavily involved with Sancon’s manhole rehabilitation work, short liners, lateral lining, and large diameter pipeline rehabilitation projects.

Nick DiBenedetto (ENGINEER)

Nick is a registered Civil Engineer and has been associated with public agencies in sanitary sewer design and project management for the past 40 years.


Gary is responsible for engineering, design, and overseeing maintenance to all specialty equipment, which is a requirement in this specialized industry.

Ryan Helmuth (MANAGER)

With over 10 years of experience, Ryan manages daily operations on a variety of structure and pipeline rehabilitation projects. Ryan also overlooks the company schedule, future projects bidding, and estimating department.

Chris DiBenedetto (SAFETY & PAYROLL)

Chris oversees various daily administrative activities for the company.


Mark handles a variety of operations on structure and pipeline projects including daily roles such as estimating, bidding, and scheduling.

John Hernandez (PROJECT MANAGER)

John handles a variety of operations on structure and pipeline projects including daily roles such as estimating, bidding, and scheduling.

All of our TV operators are PACP trained, every job foreman has received 30-hours of OSHA training, and every single employee has received 10-hours of OSHA training.