Product Description:
AM-LINER II ® is a strong, effective PVC pipe lining system which allows for repair of broken and leaking underground sewer lines without costly and time consuming excavation.

Once installed, AM-LINER II ® is continuous from manhole to manhole, eliminating leaking joints, root intrusion, and further damage to the existing host pipe by corrosive sewer gasses and chemicals. The smooth interior surface and even transitions through offsets combine to give enhanced flow characteristics to the rehabilitated pipeline.

Am-Liner II ® is suitable for non-pressure sewer and wastewater applications. It can be installed in nominal diameters from 6″ to 12″ and is available in SDR 32.5 and 26.

Standards: Greenbook 500-1.10, Whitebook 500-1.10, ASTM D4784, D790, D2122, D2152, D2412, F1057

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