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Weko Seal

Weko Seal

Product Description:
The WEKO-SEAL internal joint renewal system offers permanent, cost-efficient leak and infiltration sealing water, wastewater, gas, and industrial process piping while greatly reducing excavation and cost. Seals are available for any pipe size – 16" diameter up through 216" and larger – any material, any shape. They are installed internally by Miller’s skilled, confined-space entry qualified technicians with up to 5000 feet between access points.

These seals are flexible rubber leak clamps that ensure a non-corrodible, bottle-tight seal arround the full inside circumferene of the pipe-joint area. Their unique design incorporates a series of proprietary and patented lip seals that create a leakproof fit on either side of the joint. WEKO-SEAL provides a positive, flexible seal, while saving up to 60% over conventional external repair methods using individual excavations.


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