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Sancon 300

Sancon 300   Sancon 300

Product Description:
Sancon 300 is a spray applied epoxy liner designed specifically for protection of concrete in either immersion or non-immersion corrosive service. Sancon 300 epoxy is unlike any other epoxy as its properties include flexibility unlike any other epoxy product on the market. This specifically formulated coating provides all the advantages of an epoxy coating with elongation properties needed to bridge concrete movement and cracking.

The Sancon 300 system is a fast drying and fast curing epoxy protective lining which develops high bond strengths to both dry and damp concrete. It is resistant to moisture and bonds directly to exposed aggregate or smooth concrete surfaces. It contains no solvents to evaporate, therefore no shrinkage occurs.

Sancon 300 epoxy remains flexible throughout its life, yet is highly resistant to abrasion and impact.

Man-entry sized concrete sanitary sewer structures including manholes, overflow storage tanks, digesters, wet wells, sedimentary tanks, clarifiers, etc.


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