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Structure Rehabilitation Services

Sancon 100:
Sancon 100 is a two stage protective coating system, which uses a moisture tolerant 100% solids epoxy base coat and a 100% solids high build polyurethane elastomeric top coat.

Sancon 300:
Sancon 300 is a spray applied epoxy liner designed specifically for protection of concrete in either immersion or non-immersion corrosive service.

Altliner CIPM Lining System is a cured-in-place epoxy fiberglass composite liner system, which incorporates an impermeable PVC membrane for use in the rehabilitation of sanitary sewer manholes.

Ameron Arrowlock:
Arrow lock is designed to install new PVC lining in existing structures or pipes and has been used extensively to repair existing PVC T-Lock® liners.

Linabond Co-Lining system consists of a Polymer adhered PVC Sheet Liner bonded to concrete structures to provide a protective lining system used in the wastewater industry.

Calcium Aluminate:
The MAXIMUM CA™ Plus Cement is comprised of blended pure fused calcium aluminates with a calcium aluminate aggregate.